Chromatic Lyre Notation
Overview of the modern notation system designed for chromatic lyres. It's benefits will stand out the most in combination with isomorphic instruments such as the "whole-tone" chromatic lyres where it also partially serves as a fingering tabulature. However, it is not limited to lyres only and can be very well used as a general purpose music notation.

Sheet Music Archive
A collection of sheet music for lyres. It includes examples of music and lyre exercises typeset in Chromatic Lyre Notation using LyreBird & LilyPond software.

Software - LyreBird
Software for typesetting music in Chromatic Lyre Notation. LyreBird is an extension to LilyPond - free, open-source, cross-platform music engraving software that can produce high quality sheet music. It can also be used for editting the source files from the Sheet Music Archive and transcribing music between chromatic and traditional notation.